The UEFA Winner League by Marcia Henin

The UEFA Champions League (European CUP, UCL, or CL) is really a football competition of seasonal clubs. Champions League is organized by UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), the controlling force of European football. Football club, which wins the Champions League, receives the trophy European Champion Club?s Cup, which can be considered essentially the most prestigious club trophy.

The tournament began in 1955, once the teams played two matches, and the winning team started another round of competition. Later, in 1997, the tournament was renamed to UEFA Champions League. The championship rolling around in its current format is ready to accept the league champions of all UEFA member associations. Real Madrid FC and AC Milan have won the competition 3 times.

In 1958, the Munich air disaster took lives of 23 of 44 passengers on board, players with the Manchester United football team, flying home through the European Cup match against Yugoslavia. After the tragedy the team finished the time of year, and reached the ultimate of FA Cup.

The Champions League tournament begins in mid-July, and also the Champions League final match happens the subsequent May. An association rank inside the UEFA coefficients table defines the amount of positions each group receives in competition, as well as the stage of which the association enters competition. Each association sends maximum four clubs each season to play in Champions League.

The competition receives public and media attention: countless viewers watch Champions League videos live on-line, read news articles and watch the matches on TV. Champions League happens to be the biggest market of public attention, being the most prestigious sport competition in Europe.

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